Pet Hair Vacuum Review: Good Vacuum Cleaner For A Destructive Pet?

About a month ago I went to the city pound and adopted a 9 month old black lab puppy, named Lily. They told me Lily was a well behaved, house-trained, calm dog. For the first week or so she was. However, as soon as we began to get used to each other and she knew she was in her new home, her true colors began to shine.

When I would leave Lily alone for any amount of time, she would destroy things. She ate a remote while I was in the shower, demolished a tennis ball while I napped, and went to the bathroom and brought out a roll of toilet paper to shred all over my living room while I was distracted on the phone. Even when I learned to put her in a crate, she destroyed everything inside her crate in just a matter of minutes. Chew toys are like snacks to her, her water bowl is like floss, and in one day she turned a $30 crate matress into pieces of fluff smaller than cotton swabs.

While things are greatly improving as I am learning how to train her, there is one important discovery I have made out of it; a destructive dog requires the best vacuum for dog hair that you can comfortably buy. For just that, I have found the perfect vacuum. The Total Pet model by Dirt Devil has never failed to clean up all my dog’s messes, no matter how big or bad.

When she shredded up her crate mattress, I thought I was going to have to spend half my day on the floor picking up small bits of foam. Instead I had the floor spotless in 10 minutes, and all while able to stay standing up, using the Total Pet’s stretch hose & extension wand.

Here are 7 good qualities I have found for it:

  1. The Dirt Devil Total Pet has a removable nozzle to reach corners and up high, and has great suction power to pick of large pieces of debris left by a destructive pet.
  2. It is great for pet hair, with special brushes just for picking up hair and dander that normal vacuums would miss.
  3. It is also good for potty accidents. It comes with a HEPA Filter and a Carbon Filter to absorb unwelcome pet odors. The two times Lily has had an accident in the house, I simply put some water and laundry detergent on the spot, then went over it with the vacuum. The spot was left nearly dry and odorless.
  4. It does not require a vacuum bag. Instead you simply dump the contents in the trash.
  5. It’s washable! Every part of it can be washed out to be shiny and clean for the next mess your pet may make.
  6. It’s cheap. I got mine for $99 but there are places online, such as, that it is selling for even less.
  7. It has great user ratings. On 75% of 80 reviewers say they love their Total Pet.

To see all the helpful attachments that come with it, check it out on their website:

Having a destructive dog is stressful enough on it’s own. Having a bad vacuum is even more troublesome. So if you are singing the same naughty dog blues as I am, hold on, fight the good fight, and give the Total Pet a try to lessen your worries.

Handheld Stick Vacuums For Wood Flooring

Wood is a popular option for flooring because it’s durable and looks elegant. It’s important to keep it clean regularly to maintain the color and texture. Instead of using heavy canister, handheld stick vacuums come in handy for quick daily cleaning,  touch up, and is considered to be the top handheld cleaner for wood flooring.

What To Look For In A Good Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners vary from models that pick pet hair to those that even assist people with allergies. It’s always a matter of preferences and taste but most products have their own advantages. You have the option of buying either corded or cordless:

Check whether the model has a bag or is bag-less. The latter are advantageous because you don’t need to buy extra bags. However, the decision to buy entirely depends on personal preferences.

Handheld Stick Vacuum

A vacuums performance depends on the power of suction, airflow and other factors like design and comfort of handling. Check out for features for cleaning wood when buying. An edge cleaner is a convenient option because it can clean even the areas where the floor meets the wall.

Handheld Stick Vacuum Reviews

1. Hoover Platinum Linx Cordless

This is a portable model. It works well for carpets and hard floors. It’s the best option for pet hair and other small particles and the battery lasts about 20 to 30 minutes after a full charge.

The powered brush roll is capable of digging up stubborn debris and even large particles like toys or dog food. It’s also very sleep and saves space because it can be stored in a cabinet or closet. The model has received very good rating for the level of noise.

2. Eureka Quick Up Cordless

If you are looking for an affordable and a simple to use stick vacuum, this model is ideal for you. It’s the most ideal for quick cleaning especially if all you need is remove particles dropped on the floor by kids when eating snacks. Although the battery takes long to charge and has a short run-time, the product works well on bare surfaces and ideal for short in-between jobs.

3. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

The model is very light and has a long cord that can reach far. Although many owners of this product have complained about the level of noise, the smallness and suction powers are very good. For picking up pet hair and cleaning around corners, this is definitely one of the best handheld vacuums around.

It has a V-shaped nozzle which makes it easier to maneuver and pick dirt in tight corners and around chair legs. The filters are easy to replace and you don’t need any attachments.

4. Eureka Easy Clean Stick Vacuum

This model has been designed purposely for removing small debris and dirt. It has a built-in filter that enables you to clean and vacuum at the same time. This is a strong machine for small jobs.

If you have hard to reach areas on your floor, this model is the best for you. The brush roll is conveniently placed on the body. It’ has a great power and the noise levels are extremely low.

5. Miele Olympus

Miele has always been considered as a provider of the best vacuum for wood floors. It’s lightweight and has a strong suction power with 6 adjustment levels. The model is excellent for family use and people with allergies.

Visit for more great handheld vacuums that have been highly rated by many past customers.

Best Portable Vacuums For Cleaning Harwood Floors

With the lovely designs unfolding in the real estate industry, cleaning measures need an upping too. Hardwood floors for example are an admirable piece especially if given the good touch. Did I say good touch? Yes I bet I did; cleaning may not be a walk in the park like it may seem. The pet hair, grains, dust bunnies and other objects need as much attention as the flashy car you drive. The first step towards giving your home that great makeover would be to identify what works for you.

A successful journey towards a clean and beautiful hardwood floor begins by obtaining the right tools for the task. What are your tools and how efficient are they? This is what counts towards creating that identifiable sparkle. What then should you look for?

  • Portability. This may not look key but I’m sure you don’t want to spend the better part of your energy directing the vacuum. For vacuums, portability would range from handheld sizes that are corded, to those that are cordless. Cordless vacuums are more manageable compared to the corded ones and are even more flexible to work with.
  • Accessories and attachments are another thing you need to pay close attention to. Some vacuums have better accessories than others depending on what serves your interests. Depending on whether it is cleaning those mischievous crevices or just the crumbs on your hardwood floor, the right accessories will go a long way in easing your task.
  • For portability sake, you might want to consider the weight of the vacuum. Lightweight vacuum cleaners would be ideal for your case. You can always check out this guide is you are unsure on what handheld vacuum features you need.
  • While seeking to achieve portability, you should not forget to consider versatility and suction power. The power will dictate how clean your hardwood will be in the long run.

Options in The Market

Choosing a portable hardwood vacuum may not be easy; you can however make it simpler though by using pricing, company, and features as a guide. Canister style vacuums for example would be ideal considering most of them come with rubber stamps. These are particularly important in maintaining the texture or avoid scratching.

  • Metro – Data Pro Portable is considered to be of a high ranking.
  • Electrolux – ultra Power is a lightweight cordless designed to leave the sparkle.
  • Eureka – rapid clean bag-less & cordless is a great option for portability and good results on hardwood floors.
  • Dyson – DC59 is cordless, offering portability and optimum results.
  • The shark series has a variety like the bag-less cordless hand vac and the rocket self-propelled.
  • The dirt devil is a cordless hand vac too with promising results.

Available Stores

Majority of the best handheld vacuum products are easily available only at stores like Amazon, Wal-Mart and eBay. Free delivery is also available for customers who are purchasing from those sites.

Generally, obtaining the proper tools for your cleaning is just the first step towards a clean and well-maintained hardwood floor. Keep your purchases right and you will be smiling all the way to ecstasy.

Hardwood Floor

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Canister Vacuum Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Are you looking forward to your first canister vacuum? Can’t seem to decide among so many brands and models? Eureka Might Mite 3670G is the best vacuum cleaner you could ask for. It’s a solid contender amongst affordable canister models. The device works flawlessly on hard surfaces. It’s a wonderful machine for folks who don’t find time to vacuum their homes on a regular basis.

Dirty Floor

Does that spark an idea? Read on to know more about Eureka Mighty Mite.

What Makes It Popular?

  1. The machine is extremely lightweight and moves flawlessly across the floor.
  2. It is furnished with a power-touch handle, with easy-to-use accessories like deluxe bare-floor nozzle and floor brush that offer a painless cleaning experience.
  3. Its blower port is an extremely useful part. It effectively eliminates any debris trapped within fabrics, machine parts and furniture.
  4. Availability of auto shut-off feature and a 20-feet long cord makes it extremely functional.
  5. The device includes a range of useful on-board tools like upholstery nozzle, combination dusting tool, dusting brush and crevice tool that clean multiple surfaces.
  6. It consists of an integrated extension wand that helps you reach every nook and corner.
  7. The machine lets you make adjustments to its height and cleaning procedure. You can easily switch from bare floors to area rugs and vice versa, with a single flick of switch.
  8. Eureka 3670G is built to North American Electrical Standards and the makers use use top-quality spare parts for manufacturing.
  9. Manufacturers offer 1-year warranty on all machine parts.


Being compact and lightweight in nature, Eureka Might Mite 3670G is easily maneuverable and allows multi-surface cleaning. You can use a combination of different on-board tools to clean area rugs, bare floors, staircase, drapes, upholstery, car interiors, garage and domestic gadgets. Overall, it’s a perfect tool for dusting. It may not be the best choice for carpet cleaning (since it lacks powerful brush-roll) but it delivers excellent performance in terms of removing fine pet hair, cat litter, pet poop and minute food crumbs. If used properly, the machine lasts for several years to come.

How To Achieve Maximum Efficiency When Cleaning

  • You have to empty the dust bags quite frequently because motor filter tends to get clogged with frequent cleaning. If you’re planning to use this gadget on carpets, you must clean the filters more frequently otherwise plaster dust, powder, dust particles, carpet fabric or other fine objects can damage its filter.
  • You can enhance its suction power by closing the slip ring present on hose handle. Attach the extension wand with hose handle and use crevice tool or turbo nozzle to extend your reach.
  • Before using the blower port, make sure that you detach hose from the front side of the canister. Attach the blower port on the backside to maximize your vacuum’s efficiency.


Eureka 3670G is easily maneuverable and equally easy to store. With a lengthy power cord, it provides you bigger area for cleaning. Since the device has a low profile, it can easily swivel around furniture. In short, it’s an efficient, durable and affordable machine, backed by one-year warranty.


Some customers have reported excessive noise production and lack of HEPA filters as the prime downsides of using this machine. Moreover, the dust bags are too small to hold lots of dust and debris.

Other than these minor shortcomings, the device is fit for domestic purposes. Shoppers give it 4.1 stars out of 5. You must go for it!